Kelvinator Ro water purifiers


Ayoni RO water purifier for homesKelvinator presents the most advanced, state-of-the-art Kelvinator Ayoni RO Water purifiers for homes which are specifically designed for the wide and varying Indian water conditions.

Kelvinator Ayoni RO Water purifiers meticulously purifies the water through a multi-stage hyper purification process to deliver fresh, pure and safe water with extended purity. Kelvinator Ayoni uses the internationally acclaimed and cutting edge reverse osmosis technology with sound pre-treatment and post-treatment modules to remove physical, chemical and biological contaminants from the water. Besides, Kelvinator Ayoni RO Water purifiers also effectively removes the present day contaminants such as pesticides, harmful chemicals, cysts, lead etc.

Stages in RO water purifiers

Kelvinator Ayoni RO Water purifiers is equipped with state-of-the-art MICROSHIELD, a cutting edge feature using a patented technology approved by USEPA. This feature gives the unparalleled assurance of extended bio-purity cover for a full 48-hour period, a never-before feature offered in India.

Rest assured with Kelvinator Ayoni RO water purfiers.

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