Kelvinator Ro water purifiers customer support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is reverse Osmosis ?

Reverse osmosis is reversing the natural osmotic pressure by applying sufficient external pressure to the more concentrated side of a solution.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) in considered as the most advanced liquid filtration technology. RO is a very reliable and time tested technology to reduce the total dissolved solids in the water to below permissible limits.

RO technology is very effective in the removal of chemical contaminants such as excessive dissolved solids such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, fluorides, chlorides, sulphates, nitrates, and heavy metals like lead, arsenic, copper, mercury etc.

How to decide on the choice of purification technology ?

The choice of the most appropriate purification technology is based on the characteristics of the water to be purified. Hence, it is essential to subject the raw water to a thorough lab analysis.

Based on the lab report, it is easy to zero in on the best technology / purifier model. MORF, which markets and services the Kelvinator range of water purifiers in India is basically a professional water engineering organization with state-of-the-art lab facilities. MORF team can test your water, at request, and suggest you the most appropriate solution.

Is RO a better technology when compared with UV ?

The choice of purification technology entirely depends on the needs of the feed water. ie., the nature of contaminant load.

If the feed water has only physical, organic and microbial contaminations, a UV purifier can be ideally used. On the contrary, if the feed water has excessive inorganic contamination (TDS), heavy metals and other chemical contaminants in addition to physical and microbial loads, RO is the only choice.

Both UV and RO are time-tested, effective technologies applied for different water conditions.

At what frequency Kelvinator Ayoni has to be serviced and why ?

The service frequency for Kelvinator Ayoni is entirely dependent on the feed water quality and the usage pattern.

Kelvinator Ayoni constantly works on high operating pressure to remove the various types of tough physical, chemical and biological impurities from the water. This means the cartridges and membrane are at optimal use and therefore need to be periodically cleaned and serviced.

How is Kelvinator Ayoni unique from other RO water purifiers ?

Kelvinator Ayoni uses a 6-stage hyper purification process to eliminate excessive physical, chemical and microbial contaminants in the water. Kelvinator Ayoni comes with a never-before feature in India called Microshield, which gives a strong anti-microbial property to the water which keeps the water sterile for a full 48-hour period. This feature enables safe storage of purified water for a considerable period of time without the fear of microbial recontamination.

Kelvinator, uses one of the world’s best filmtech membrane which is reputed for consistent quality of purified water over a long period of time.

Besides, Kelvinator Ayoni is equipped with many other user-friendly features which makes it a very safe purifier.

Can we use Kelvinator Ayoni for our office ?

Kelvinator Ayoni is basically a home water purifier and is only designed for the average consumption of a family. Kelvinator Ayoni can be used continuously for up to 5 hours a day and not beyond that.

If your office usage matches the maximum hours specified for Kelvinator Ayoni, you may use the purifier at your office.

What are the consumables to be replaced in Kelvinator Ayoni and at what frequency ?

All the filter cartridges, carbon blocks/granules and filmtech membrane need to be replaced at periodical intervals. The frequency of these replacements entirely depends on the quality of feed water and the usage pattern.

However, broadly, it can be said that the cartridge filters and carbon blocks / granules will require replacements once in every six months. Microshield will have to be replaced once in six months or after consumption of 3000 litres whichever is earlier and the RO filmtech membrane may need replacement once in a year.

How do we get service and spare / consumables ?

Kelvinator Ayoni is either serviced by the Company’s service technicians directly or by the service technicians of the Company’s authorized franchisees. These technicians will visit your place and supply / replace the required consumables at prices prevalent at the time of supply.

As our esteemed customer, you are requested to register your complaints / service requests directly by calling our Company’s helpline / service centres at your location or through our website.

Can we start using the purified water from Kelvinator Ayoni immediately on installing the purifier?

Strictly no. It is strongly recommended to discard the first full tank of water (9 litres) after the Kelvinator Ayoni is installed and whenever the filmtech membrane is replaced.

What should we do if there is no purified water in the storage tank ?

Check whether the power is on or off. Check whether the inlet tap valve is open or closed. Switch on the main plug if power is off and open the tap valve is it is closed. If both are OK, please register a service request with the Company immediately.

Can we open and service the purifier ?

Under no circumstances, this should be done. Servicing Kelvinator Ayoni RO purifier is a specialist job and should be entrusted only to the technician specially trained by the Company. Hence, call / mail our customer care when situation warrants and register your service request.

What should we do if the purifier is found damaged or broken ?

Immediately call / mail our customer care and register the complaint. Our service technicians will evaluate the damages and suggest suitable corrective measures. Under warranty and ACMC there will be no charges subject to the terms and conditions of the warranty and ACMC. Under AMC, cost towards replacement of spares will be charged as per the Company's standard list price. If the purifier is outside the warranty period and also not covered by ACMC /AMC, charges for labour and spare replacement will have to be paid.

What should we do in the event of leakages ?

Immediately turn off the power switch, unplug the power cord and then close the tap valve. Check for improper installation / fitments. Call our customer care and register a service request.

How long the purified water in the storage tank of Kelvinator Ayoni is safe for drinking ?

Purified water stored in the storage tank is safe for drinking for a full 48-hour period on account of the USEPA-approved and patented Microshield technology. Beyond this period, it is advisable to discard the stored water, refill freshly purified water and use.