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Importance of Water

Water is vital for human physiology

Water in our body
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Role of water in Human body

Role of water in human body

Present Water Conditions

Importance of water

Water is Life

It is claimed that water is the most logical, natural and simple medicine for many diseases. Adequate consumption of good water is most important for the smooth functioning of human body. This also helps to reduce fatigue, tension besides boosting energy.

Water is the single largest component of the human body. It is the primary constituent of body fluids and around 72% of the body is made up of water. Water is essential for our existence and plays an important role in carrying out various body functions.

Though it is the most vital nutrient, it is also the most neglected one. Experts, health practitioners and water therapists recommend a minimum consumption of about eight to ten glasses of water every day.

A few vital benefits of drinking adequate quantity of pure water are lubrication of joints, consistency of blood, hydration of body, acid-base balancing, digestion of food, transportation of oxygen and nutrients to cells, regular bowel movement, detoxification, regulation of body temperature and healthy skin.

Insufficient consumption of water and consumption of contaminated water over a period of time are claimed to be amongst the major causative factors for a good number of today's common and chronic diseases. Severe dehydration may sometimes even lead to death.

Present-day water condition

Water purification has gained enormous importance these days as a result of the new contaminants present in the drinking water. Rapid urbanization and accelerated industrial growth resulting in significant pollution and depletion of water sources have led to the presence of these contaminants in water. Today's water has very diverse and deadly contaminants unheard of in the past. The following contaminants and conditions which can wreak havoc on human body are found in today's water depending on the water source.

Disproportionate concentration of dissolved solids (TDS), excessive hardness (Ca/Mg), volatile organic compounds, dangerous chemicals, heavy metals like iron, mercury, arsenic, copper, lead etc, pesticides, imbalanced pH, microorganisms such as pathogenic bacteria, virus, protozoa and cysts.

Note: Hence, it is important to choose the right purification technology / purifier after testing the source water through a thorough lab analysis.