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MICROSHIELD™ Bacteriostatic Water Cartridge

Water purified by RO/RO+UV purifiers is highly prone to secondary contamination as it reaches the storage tank.

MICROSHIELD is a patented solution which continuously keeps water bio-fresh in storage tanks.

RO Purifier without MICROSHIELD™ Kelvinator Ayoni RO Purifier with MICROSHIELD™
Once water reaches the storage tank, there may be a high risk of water getting contaminated due to flow of bacteria upstream through the tap Continuously keeps water fresh and protects against bacterial re-contamination in the storage tank
No protection against formation of slime (greenish cream layer of bacteria/fungi with foul smell and taste) in the storage tank, which would lead to bad taste and odour Protects against formation of slime (greenish cream layer of bacteria/fungi with foul smell and taste) in the storage tank
Does not remove objectionable taste and odour that may develop in the storage tank due to secondary contamination Post RO carbon can be avoided
No backup protection against bacteria and virus if RO Membrane fails Removes objectionable taste and odour
  Works with drinking water purifiers, coolers, filters and holding tanks

A simple, effective, easy-to-use solution for fresher tasting and safe water.

The MICROSHIELD Bacteriostatic Water Cartridge is a water treatment cartridge for use in drinking water devices such as reverse osmosis (RO) units, coolers and filters.

This cartridge is designed for use in drinking water purification units that treat potable water or municipally treated tap water or as post-RO stage and is not designed to provide primary disinfection.

Control of Bacteria in a Household Water Dispenser

Control of bacteria in a household water dispenser

Effective and Reliable

  • Removes objectionable tastes and odors from drinking water
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria in a device filter to prolong the life of the filter
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria within the water system, lines and reservoir or other in-line container
  • Inhibits bacterial recontamination and keeps water fresh for storage by inhibiting bacterial fouling
  • Installs easily in-line using standard push-to-connect fittings

How to Install the MICROSHIELD BW Cartridge

To install the MICROSHIELD BW Cartridge, remove the cartridge from the packaging and place it in-line in the drinking water system. To protect the filter, place the MICROSHIELD cartridge upstream of the filter. To protect the water tank or container, place the cartridge upstream of the tank, past the filter.


Model: 011-00001
Length: 142mm (5.6 inches)
Diameter: 32mm (1.26 inches)
Connections: Male; use female 1/4-inch push-to- connect fittings
Material: Food-grade ABS and polypropylene
Pressure Rating: 100 psi maximum inlet pressure
Treatment life Span
Post-RO Applications: 1 year or 3,000 liters*
Non-RO Dispensers: 6 months or 1,500 liters*
*Whichever comes first. Based on typical usage. Replace when replacing upstream cartridges.
Store in cool, dry place. Avoid excessive moisture and temperatures above 40°C during storage.

Point-of-Use (POU) Dispenser

Microshield bacteriostatic water cartridge POU dispenser and RO unit

EPA REG No 72083-5
U.S. Patents 5,490,983; 6,548,054 B2; 7,014,781 B2. Other U.S. & International Patents Pending.

This product is sourced from HaloSource Inc., USA. Technology patented by HaloSource.