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Ayoni water purifier - Process Technology

Ayoni RO water purifier for homesKelvinator Ayoni Ro water purifier 5 stage + Microshield

Kelvinator Ayoni RO water purifier for homes meticulously treats the water in six elaborate stages to give you fresh, pure, safe and good-tasting water. Kelvinator Ayoni is equipped with Microshield, a cutting edge patented technology approved by USEPA which gives you the unparalleled assurance of extended bio-purity cover for a full 48-hour period, a never-before feature offered in India.

Multi-stage Hyper Purification Process

Reinforced Sediment Cartridge
Premium graded and reinforced 5 micron sediment cartridge filters large suspended particles, turbidity and makes water crystal clear. Protects the carbon filter from clogging.

Membrane Protection
High quality anti-scalant chemical in solid form minimizes scaling of hard salts such as
calcium and magnesium on the membrane surface thereby ensuring significantly longer
membrane life and consistent flow rate.

Activated Carbon Cartridge
Activated Carbon Cartridge with high adsorption capacity reduces harmful chemicals including pesticides,volatile organic compounds, residual chlorine etc. Impregnation of silver also effectively inhibits growth of water borne microorganisms and imparts a good taste and freshness to the water.

Fine Sediment Cartridge
Fine Sediment Cartridge removes micro sediment particles and carbon slips thus protecting the membrane from undue clogging. Fine Sediment Cartridge gives clarity to the water through depth filtration.

World’s Best RO Membrane
Thin Film Composite [TFC] RO Membrane made of energy saving polyamide removes excessive dissolved solids (TDS), harmful chemicals, pesticides, water - borne microorganisms and heavy metals.

This stage completely disinfects the water and also imparts a strong anti-microbial property that ensures the purified water in the RO storage tank remains pure for a full 48-hour period. This is a unique patented technology approved by USEPA.

Note : The life and performance of the filter cartridges and membrane depend on the contamination load present in the feed water.

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