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Kelvinator Water Purifier provides comprehensive guarantee and maintenance

Kelvinator range of water purifiers is brought to India by MORF under license from Electrolux Home Products Inc.

Kelvinator Ayoni water purifiers come with a one-year comprehensive guarantee with no exclusions. Refer to our warranty terms to know more.

After the warranty period, customers may enter in to our Annual Maintenance Contract or Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Contract at the prevailing standard rates of the Company which will ensure that the product is maintained properly and on a timely basis.

Alternatively, customers also have the option of taking our service on an on-call basis by paying the cost of labour and spares as and when required at the Company's standard rates prevalent at that point of time.

At MORF, we fully understand that the efficiency and reliability of any water purifier depends on proper maintenance of the purifier. It is therefore essential that the purifier gets timely service and maintenance support.

With more than a decade of hard core experience in water purification industry, MORF has a robust service infrastructure built scrupulously to cater to the growing service requirements of our customers.

Advantages of MORF Maintenance Contracts*

  • Four free preventive maintenance calls by our trained service technicians during the year at a frequency of once in every 3 months.
  • Unlimited complaint calls which will be freely attended within a period of 24 working hours during the contract period.
  • Replacement of the sediment cartridge / activated carbon filters once during the contract period (if required).
  • Replacement of any exhausted part excluding pure consumables. In ACMCs, these consumables are also covered.

* Conditions apply