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Quanta water purifier - Unique Features

Kelvinator quanta water purifiers

No Overflow. No Dry Running.

Just Relax. Kelvinator Quanta is a fully automatic unit. The Float valve sensor activates the pressure booster pump the moment water in the storage goes below a point and the pump stops once the storage tank is full. The unit also avoids dry running of the booster pump by shutting off the purifier if there is no feed water.

Compact Pressure Booster Pump

Robust construction and technology of the booster pump ensures that the membrane gets proper and consistent flow of water at required pressure with lower power consumption.

Advanced Reject Water Valve

Tamper-proof valve makes sure that you get a continuous and steady flow of rejected water which keeps the membrane surface clean. This reject water can be used for watering plant, mopping and washing.

Auto Flush- Membrane Cleaner

Auto flush keeps flushing the membrane at oprimal frequencies resulting in a much cleaner membrane surface, longer membrane life and better membrane performance.

SMPS - Based Integrated Power Management

Designed to operate at wider AC input range, IPM effectively protects the purifier from severe power fluctuations, short circuits and also withstands universal power conditions. Highly reliable, cost effective and light in weight.


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